Billing + Payments

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Pay By Invoice

Invoice payments are received via Freshbooks or Square Payments. Your invoice will display fields to input your payment data for a check or credit card payment. This system processes your payment, but does not save payment information or deliver your card info to the studio. If you have recurring invoice,or need to pay your balance, you will be required to resubmit data for each payment.

Progress Payments

Project Contracts are paid via progress payments, with a deposit due to begin, and other payments at project milestones. Service Plan payments are due monthly. All studio projects require a deposit. Your proposal will outline your payment timeline.

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Project Pricing

Studio service plans have standardized pricing for service levels. RFPs and projects are estimated based on the anticipated time required, specifications, and other factors. For project pricing, or a quote for a service plan, please request a proposal.

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Policies + Fine Print

Pay by Invoice

Invoices are delivered via email. You can also access your invoice on the client portal. To access your invoice, login to the Clients portal and navigate to your Invoice link. You can make a payment by Credit Card, ACH, paypal or Apple Pay. We do not accept Crypto Currency at this time.

Project Modifications and
Changes to the Scope of Work

If you have a change you'd like to see made to a project that is in progress, please share your thoughts via email or with the designer working on your project. If you need changes to a completed project, please Request a Proposal.

We prefer to receive changes to the scope of work, changes that will require a contract modification, via email to make sure that we're clear on all the details.

Printing, Fabrication & Vendor Services

Athenaum provides access to a broad range of printing and fabrication services, and relies on relationships with quality vendors and craftsmen to provide us with most of our printing and fabrication needs. Vendor services are estimated separately from creative services, and are estimated at the time of the request. Printing and fabrication estimates may be valid for a shorter time than design estimates, based on the vendor’s terms. Clients are required to pay 100% for printing, fabrication or other outside services at the time the order is placed.


Sometimes changes occur in your organization that require you to cancel a project midstream, or re-allocate dollars to another task on a contract. Project deposits of 25% or less are non-refundable. For Pre-paid contracts with deposits greater than 25%, your payment on uncompleted work is refundable for 30 days from the date of payment. If your project has begun, you may be refunded for the unfinished portion of the contract at the time of cancellation. Beyond 30 days, clients may receive a credit toward future work to be completed. If unbilled services have been provided, we will bill you for services up through the date of cancellation. Credits are good toward the purchase of comparable products and services. Replacement services will be estimated and billed at the studio rate at the time of service. There is no transfer of copyright for cancelled projects.


For vendor services, if the product or service does not meet our or your expectations, we will negotiate with the vendor to re-produce the product, or, request a refund and select a replacement vendor. If you ever have concerns about a product or service produced, please email us at

Enrolling in a Service Plan

We offer service plans between 3 and 12 months, to give you access to a stream of consistent creative services, ideas, and consulting. To enroll in a service plan, please follow the link below.

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3rd Party Platforms

The studio partcipates with 3rd party platforms to design and develop projects for our clients, and maintains a presence on select platforms for bidding, billing, and communication. If a project is initiated on a 3rd party platform or contracting network, that contract must be completed and paid for through the platform. Subsequent projects can be managed through the platform, or, directly with the studio.Pre-payments made through platforms like Upwork must be re-funded through the platform.

For questions email

Progress Payments Schedule

All studio projects are billed in Progress payments. Please see the schedule below:

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Cash on Delivery

Once your project is completed an signed off on, payment will become due for your project, and you'll receive your final invoice. Payment is required in full for the transfer of copyright, transfer of website ownership, or the delivery of digital or press-ready files to your service providers or office.

Managing your Project Budget

Budget overage is usually the result of surprises – on the agency side and the client side. Consistent communication, a tightly managed project scope, timely turnover of edits, and a respect for the agreed to timelines will ensure that your project exceeds expectations, and keeps the budget from expanding. But, if for any reason, it becomes imperative to expand the scope of the project, additional hrs are estimated and billed at your established hourly rate.